BISP Board was established in September 2008 and comprises of 9 to 11 members. The members belong to representatives from the government, non-governmental organisations, and are technical experts. Chairperson BISP is appointed by the Chief Patron on the advice of the Executive Patron and heads the Board. Secretary BISP is an ex officio Member, Secretary of the Board and also serves as Principal Accounting Officer. The Board is the highest management body in charge of policy development and strategy formulation with regard to BISP and its various initiatives.

The powers and functions of BISP Board are:
•    To approve budget of the Programme prepared by BISP management;
•    To take decisions on the financial aspects of the Programme submitted by the management;
•    To monitor the Programme in a transparent manner;
•    To make regulations, and approve policies and manuals;
•    To approve eligibility criteria for financial assistance under the Programme; and
•    To present annual progress reports to the Council and consider its recommendations.

Whenever appropriate, the Board will delegate its authority to the respective BISP wing responsible for addressing the concern, or to a specifically assigned representative or staff member.

Government Members

  • Chairperson, BISP /Chairperson, BISP Board (Ex-Officio Member)
  • Secretary, BISP (Ex-Officio Member)/Secretary of the Board
  • Secretary, Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety (Ex-Officio Member)
  • Chairman, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) (Ex-Officio Member)
  • Secretary/Additional Secretary, Finance Division (Ex-Officio Member)
  • Secretary/Additional Secretary, Economic Affairs Division - (Ex-Officio Member)

Private Members

  • Dr. Kaiser Bengali
  • Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan
  • Mr. Haris Gazdar
  • Mr. Osman Hasan
  • Ms. Sania Riffat