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Poverty Score Card

The Government has decided to reform the targeting process to minimize the inclusion and exclusion errors and identify the underprivileged through a transparent, impartial and objective mechanism; and also give equal chance to each one for applying to the Programme for enrollment for cash and various other benefits.

  • As one of the best known practices for targeting the underprivilegeds, a scientifically developed instrument named “Poverty Scorecard” based on Proxy Means Testing has been adopted.

  • It has been decided to implement the Poverty Scorecard; and a nationwide Poverty Survey has been planned to identify the underprivileged families.

  • Hence beneficiary identification through Parliamentarians was stopped on 30th of April 2009.

  • A Test Phase of the Poverty Scorecard based survey has been completed in 16 districts.

  • Data entry and data verification/ validation has been completed in all these districts and lists of eligible beneficiary families is ready for payment of cash benefits.

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